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Each box is researched and lovingly curated by me. Currently I reside in West Palm Beach, FL, an exceedingly hot zone 10b. Even so, I grow everything that I package into the boxes. Some things do way better than others, some things don’t, but a lot of it surprises you. I like to live by the quote “There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.”-Janet Kilburn Phillips. Since reading this quote, and gardening in this heat, I’ve found that even though picking seeds for your zone is a good place to start, you should break out of those boundaries and experiment with varieties that may not be recommended for your zone. So now I grow the impossible; I even grow the sweetest red raspberries when they said I couldn't in my Zone 10b.


Seed Mail is an adventure that will expand your limits, and help you to discover what you didn’t know you could do. Get out there and get your hands dirty. The impossible awaits you to go out and conquer it. The seeds that are included in Seed Mail usually range from zones 4 to 8, to make it a bit more accessible for everyone across the board. They’re selected based on our ever changing growing seasons. Even if you are in a colder growing zone, Seed Mail can prepare you for your short growing season, by making sure you have your seeds when you need them, enabling you to start your transplants indoors.


Each month our seeds will revolve around a different theme. I almost always include 8 different packs of seeds in each box that range from uncommon to rare varieties of heirloom vegetables, herbs, flowers, and common garden staples. I may, however, on occasion decide to include microgreens, onion sets or garlic bulbs etc, so the seed contents of the box and quantities can change depending on theme and season. I really enjoy growing things that are uncommon, from black tomatoes and carolina reapers to orange eggplants and blue squashes, and Seed Mail reflects that. I will introduce you to some cool varieties that make growing and eating your own produce fun.


Also within Seed Mail’s contents, I include a grow guide, so you’re never left totally in the dark during your adventure. While some may not need the guide, one is included for beginner growers just in case in order to help them master their growing adventure. The growing guide has your seeds official name, a picture, so you know what it will become, some fun facts about your new plant baby, what it likes and dislikes, and other helpful growing information. Need more tips and growing information? Then make sure to check out our Blog, where I'll give you helpful tips, and also my learned mistakes, to guide you further through your adventure.


Additionally to start your adventure, included in your Seed Mail are Jiffy Peat Pellets to give your seeds their first home, plant food to nourish your babies, and nursery labels to keep you organized. There's also a couple of extra goodies, designed and picked just for you, that change every month tucked in there as well.


Don't forget to join the Seed Mail Society on Instagram! Seed Mail grows as a community together. With your feedback and your support, we will set off to find more adventurous seeds to grow with each box. Share your boxes, and plant babies with us, and your fellow gardeners on Instagram, by tagging @ff_seedmail, or by using our hashtag #SeedMail, for a chance to be featured! Who knows, you may even make some friends.


Choose a monthly themed box, and have it shipped to your doorstep!

*Seed Mail starts at $29.99 (+shipping and tax)

Seed Mail ships between the 16th and 18th of every month, and takes 3-5 business days to get from us to you.

*$7.99 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the US.

Roll up those sleeves, and get your grow on.



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